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Take a look at my Fit for Purpose and Fit for Life programmes

I believe fitness is about being the best you can be so you can live life the way you want to live it. Whatever your start point, whatever your ambition.

I help people of all ages and abilities achieve optimum health and fitness and enhanced wellbeing through personalised training, tailored nutrition programmes, psychological support and round-the-clock advice and encouragement.

Whether your goal is a short-term shape-up or a whole-of-life fitness focus, I offer two proven approaches which will help get you to where you want to be and where you want to go.

Originally I just wanted to be stronger, better able to compete in endurance events. I have exceeded what I thought was possible and not only have seen a significant difference in my performance, I’m looking better and feeling better. Richard (33)

Fit for purpose

My Fit for Purpose programme focuses on results, helping you be the best you can be in three months or less.

Whether your ambition is beach or bike challenge, a trip down the Amazon or a walk up the aisle, I'll work with you to deliver results so you can look your best, feel your best or deliver your best performance. And you’ll feel great too. Every workout is both challenging and fulfilling.

Fit for Purpose

Fit for life

Fit for Life

I believe health and fitness are priceless. The quality and longevity of human life, yours and mine, is determined by it.
Yet the way we live our lives can easily undermine our ability to live life to the full and achieve well-being.

Fit for Life is a progressive, measurable, month-on-month, physical and psychological fitness plan that will help you add years to your life and life to your years. Whoever you are, however you want to live. Promoting lifestyle changes that are sustainable, it will help you achieve your potential, taking you step-by step from the person you are now to the person you want to be.

All part of the service

The best support you can have

I am passionate about helping every single client be the best they can be, in the best way they can achieve it. I have a holistic approach to personal training designing solutions that are achievable, enjoyable and transformational.

As well as significant training experience, I am a former Team GB athlete with a high level of exposure and access to both successful fitness strategies for performance athletes and the latest ongoing innovations. Some of my personal achievements include playing basketball for Team Great Britain and cycling more than four thousand kilometres over five mountain ranges in North America and Europe for charity.

My goal is quite simple – to lose weight and not regain it. This time it doesn't feel like a trial. I'm really enjoying working with Tom. I feel I'm in a routine now that's really sustainable which is something I haven't ever been able to achieve! Vanessa (35)

I'm stronger and fitter than I have ever been, I feel fantastic! It's great being able to get advice whenever I need it. It's keeping me motivated and on track. Zoe (28)


There are different Personal Training packages to suit your every need including one-to-one sessions and sessions for couples.

Please get in touch for more details.

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Giving what we can

For every session booked £1 will be donated to charity.

Be in the best possible place

Both my Fit for Purpose and Fit for Life programmes are provided in Berkeley Fitness, a purpose-built and peaceful facility with the best of everything to provide you with everything you will need for fully personalised programmes.

The training facilities have been purpose built for Personal Training and combine everyday cardiovascular equipment with a variety of free weights, state of the art cable machines, battle ropes, and our newly installed gladiator walls with olympic rings. In addition to the larger pieces of Personal Training equipment, we have all the latest portable equipment including boxing gloves and pads, kettlebells, sand bags, stability balls, medicine balls, BOSUs, and TRX suspension systems.

I want to be as active as possible for as long as possible. Working with Tom, having step-by-step goals, is really helping me achieve it. James (66)

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